Defined by superior fit, fabric, and feel, the sophistication is in the details. These jeans are an extension of uniquely distinct personal style, and innovative denim fashion deserves to be complemented by high-quality fastening products. Elevate the functionality of your luxury denim with YKK North and Central America Group’s zippers and metal hardware buttons crafted with integrity and tailored to enhance the aesthetic branding of your products.

YKK developed ratcheting sliders that slip down under pressure rather than breaking the zipper, saving our jeans customers small fortunes in returns and claims.  Sturdy brass zippers are an important part of jeans’ success.  If you touch the teeth of YKK® brass zippers, you will immediately feel the obvious differences between the YKK’s brass products and those manufactured by others.  YKK (U.S.A.) Inc. maintains a brass zipper manufacturing plant in Macon, Georgia where the uniquely designed Y-bar teeth are developed to provide a smoother operation performance.  Our Autoline® machines, which we lease to our customers in our Field Tech Centres, sew the zipper chain to a jeans’ fly piece, automatically gaps it, bottom stops it, attaches the slider, and then cuts and sorts the finished flys into bundles.

Buttons, burrs, and rivets, which go onto jeans, helped to build YKK (U.S.A.) Inc. Snap and Button Products’ business in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.  The basic parts of the button are stamped out of strips of fine grade copper, steel, stainless or brass.  There’s the shell, the collet and the slug – a small component inside of the button that will accommodate YKK’s unique two-pronged fastener.  The specific style depends on the garment and customer needs.  YKK (U.S.A.) Inc. Snap and Button Products offers an assortment of choices.  It could be plated, sandblasted, painted, burnished, oxidized, antiqued, or any combination of techniques to give it a distinctive look.