YKK North and Central America Group manufactures airtight and watertight zippers used in OSHA Level A and NFPA 1991 & 1994 suits for full liquid chemical and chemical vapor protection. Our water resistant zippers are used in OSHA Level B and NFPA 1992 suits for splash protection. When designing Personal Protection Equiptment, select a proven YKK® PROSEAL®, AQUASEAL®, or AQUAGUARD® zipper.

YKK North and Central America Group offers varying degrees of water and air resistance zippers. Airtight/Watertight zippers provide solutions in situations where access is needed, but also where an effective barrier between water, gases, chemicals, liquids, and/or other substances is important. For example, compartments in shipping, aircraft, or civil engineering works, and covers over fermentation vats and water stores are excellent places for a YKK® Airtight/Watertight zipper. Of course, survival suits, including dry suits, firefighter suits, and chemical suits are also ideal candidates for these zippers.