Water and Protective Solutions


Our AQUASEAL® zipper is perfect for active marine sportswear plus lots more!
Combining VISLON® technology with a new innovative seal between the zipper elements, AQUASEAL® allows an smooth and easy operation with perfect protection against the most severe weather conditions and extreme outdoor activities.
AQUASEAL® zippers are made from a high quality plastic which is roughly half the weight of a conventional metal zipper. This makes AQUASEAL® zippers ideal for use in salt water environments.


FLEXSEAL® has a strong and flexible coil element offering a durable, light weight and fully waterproof solution for the most demanding applications. The extruded fin profile offers protection from the outside and prevents dirt from builiding up. The polyester coil elements are self-aligning in case of misalignment or the chain bursting open.


PROSEAL® is the ultimate watertight fastening solution. PROSEAL® technology is based on a strong seal with nickel silver elements pushed tight together. This offers critical protection against infiltration by many liquids and gases at substantial pressure levels. From the deep sea to outer space, PROSEAL® technology has enabled people to explore new frontiers.

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The new high strength metal look zipper is now available. Special Y-ZiP® element design “METALUXE® Tough” provides higher strength favorable for bag applications.

Quick & Easy Lock System

More secure zipper ! Less worries for zippers to open without knowing. Easily lock the zipper by pulling the two sliders together.

QuickFree ®

Easy and instant Smart insertion and quick release function in one zipper.

Insert supporting slider cover

Easy way to zip it up! Support the insertion of an open-end zipper, and improve the operability.


Fashionably Safe Glow-in-the-dark zipper is now available in six neon colour combinations!


Soft and Flexible Stretches to fit your body and lets you move freely.


Soft and Flexible SOFLEX stretches about 10% by 1kg load.

Reflective Zipper

Stay stylish, stay safe The zipper tape reflects the light in the dark.
YKK Fastening Video ver. 1 Introducing the variety of YKK Zippers which make your daily life better.

YKK Aqua Range of Zippers

YKK Water & Protective Fasteners Introducing YKK’s Water & Protective Fasteners such as AQUASEAL, FLEXSEAL and PROSEAL


Flexible, low profile and lightweight The zipper chain is 8.5 times softer, and elements are 25% thinner.


Durable and Flexible Many color variation, Printable on socket.

Vislon® Aquaguard® FR Zipper

Easy and instant Smart insertion and quick release function in one zipper.

Natulon ®

Natulon® Ocean Sourced® Video

Quickfree® – Kids version

Quick & Easy Lock System

BlackYak® Watusi Expedition down Suit with YKK’s Aquaguard®

Live demonstrations at ISPO Munich showcasing BlackYak® Watusi Expedition Down Suit with YKK’s Aquaguard® zipper

DUI’s Yukon 11 suite with Aquaseal®

YKK demonstrates their Aquaseal® zipper on DUI’s Yukon II suit at ISPO Munich

Tilak’s Stinger Pro Jacket with YKK’s AguaGuard®

Typhoon Drysuit demo with Aquaseal®

Spinlock demonstrates YKK’s Quickburst®

YKK at ISPO Munich and in partnership with Spinlock held live demonstrations at the Water Village. Spinlock demonstrated the Volvo Ocean Race life jacket which features our Quickburst® zipper

Fix-a-Shape ®

Palm’s Atom Dry Suite with YKK’s Aquaseal®

YKK at ISPO Munich and in partnership with Palm Equipment held live demonstrations at the Water Village. Palm demonstrated the Atom dry suit which features our Aquaseal® zipper.

YKK Natulon® Ocean Sourced™ at ISPO 2020

ISPO 2020, Brian LaPlante (YKK USA Sustainability Leader) presents YKK Natulon® Ocean Sourced™ by YKK. Published by MountainBlog.

Sub Tech Zip It with YKK's Aquaseal® at ISPO 2020

ISPO 2020, Tony Reilly (Managing Director YKK Group) presents the Sub Tech Zip It with YKK’s AQUASEAL® by YKK. Presented By MountainBlog.