Eco-Dye® (Waterless Zipper Dyeing Technology) Introduction of an YKK Fastening Products Group’s Environmental Activity

As part of the environmental activities, YKK has development ECO-DYE® technology that, utilizing the supercritical fluid dyeing (“SFD”) technology which allows YKK to reduce water usage and eliminate wastewater in the manufacturing process of fastening products.

In addition, carbon dioxide (CO2) used can be collected and recycled.  Another advantage of using SFD is that it does not require drying, and therefore is expected to contribute to the reduction of energy use.

As  a  leading  company  in  the  manufacture  of  fastening  products,  YKK  not  only  produce

quality products,  but  also  pays  a  great  deal  of  attention  to  environmental  aspects  of  the  production process.

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