YKK’s Fight Against Counterfeiters

The purposes of our brand protection activities

  • Protect the values of the brands
    • Prevents counterfeits from damaging the values of both the YKK brand and that of our customers
  • Protects our Customers and Consumers
    • Gives quality assurance and protects the confidence of our customers

Counterfeit goods diminish the consumers’ confidence in manufacturers of genuine products, and they undermine brand values. In addition, counterfeits are often defective, especially when manufactured by irresponsible companies. Others feed their profits into criminal organizations.

Counterfeit goods may also contain materials that are dangerous. While there are laws dealing with the use of substances that are harmful to human health and safety, such as REACH in Europe counterfeits often do not meet these standards. As such, counterfeit zippers may cause unexpected problems for businesses, including garment makers, therefore we recommend all our customers to purchase genuine YKK® zippers through the right channels.